ABOUT Heming Services- A part of the Heming hub of companies

Heming Services Limited (HSL), part of the Heming Group of companies, is a family owned business which has been providing high quality contracting and engineering services for almost 50 years from its base in Willersey, near Broadway, on the edge of the Cotswolds. A location that allows us to provide services across the three counties and throughout the West Midlands.

The ‘Heming Hub’ comprises of Heming Construction Services, Heming Agricultural Engineers, Heming Plant Hire, Hemming Electrical Services, and Heming Electrical - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services.

An Unmatchable Service?

This allows the group as a whole to provide extensive services in the areas of construction, groundworks and civil engineering contracting, agricultural engineering, farm machinery and tractor maintenance, plant hire as well as electrical and refrigeration installation and maintenance services.

Customer-focused, we ensure long-term relationships by offering an extensive range of services and value for money. The group is also committed to investing in the training and continuous development of our people and takes seriously our responsibility to conform to all current health and safety legislation.

A True One Stop Shop

One of the biggest causes of delay in any building or renovation project is an errant, underperforming subcontractor. However good the project manager is, they often have little real control over the subcontractors involved in delivering the project. And because parts of a project often have to happen in a set interdependent way, if a subcontractor fails to deliver on time, the whole project can fall into chaos.

Quality Control

Besides keeping to the agreed project timetable, there is the matter of quality control. One of the main problems of using subcontractors is maintaining consistent quality control across all aspects of the project. While subcontractors are experts in their respective fields, they may have different work styles and methods that may not always align with the main contractor's standards. As you can imagine, this can cause a whole host of problems.

Communication and Coordination

Effective communication and coordination are essential for the success of any project. When subcontractors are involved, the complexity of managing multiple teams increases. This puts extra pressure on the main contractor, who has to ensure that all subcontractors are on the same page, working towards the same goals, and adhering to project timelines. Strong project management skills and effective communication strategies can minimize any delays, whilst ensuring the project runs smoothly, but ultimately, when using subcontractors things will often go wrong.

Access to Required Materials and Equipment

When the main contractor has to rely on not only the workforce of a subcontractor, but also the materials and equipment that they provide, it puts even more strain on the best project timescales and budgets, things simply not being ‘totally under the control’ of the main contractor, the one that you as a customer have signed up with.

A Recipe For Chaos?

You could look at all of the arguments above and decide that using sub-contracting is not for you, what you want is for the company that you deal with to have near total control over all the variables. This is not something that many building contractors can provide…

But Heming Services Can

This is one of the main reasons why you should choose Heming Services for your next building project, these including:-

The reason being a very simple one.

And that is because Heming Services can call upon other arms of the Heming Hub to provide the


Needed to complete your project.

All of these members of the HUB are under the direct control of the family team, so you can be sure that they will never let another part of the organisation down.

And this means that YOUR project is not delayed by that errant sub contractor and will therefore be delivered on time and on budget.

I can’t think of a better reason to place your next building project, whether large or small, with Heming Services, so contact us today and see just how much we can help you!