Road Maintenance – Ditch Cleaning – Drain and Sewer Installation

Heming Services builds and maintains private roads, footways, cycleways, and sewers and offers ditch cleaning and drainage installation services.

Public Roads and Private Roads

We understand everyone needs safe, well-functioning road networks, with repairs that cause minimal disruption and services, whilst also providing the best possible value to local residents. That is is why we work with the local authorities in ways that keep local roads open as much as possible, reduce congestion and improve journey times. We also maintain and improve pavements and footways, ensuring they are accessible and safe for all users.

Private Road Maintenance

There are many roads in the Three Counties that are classed as ‘private’, something that means that any maintenance works are not covered by the local authorities. Heming Services specialises in this area of work, and can provide all the necessary equipment and expertise.

With our vast experience in construction, we are able to ensure that all paperwork and documentation is completed to the requirements of all appropriate authorities in order for the work to be executed.

Sewer, Drain and Ditch Clearing

Our commercial and domestic sewerage and drainage work is extensive and includes, box culverts, attenuation storage gravity sewers, rising mains tanks, combined storm overflows (CSOs), unsatisfactory intermittent discharges (UIDs) and pumped storage tanks.

French Drain Installation (The Simplest Drainage Channel)

Many householders, farmers and business owners have drainage problems with areas that collect water simply because there is insufficient drainage in place, a local high water-table often being partly to blame . A French drain is a simple yet effective way of ensuring water is moved onto another ‘better drained’ area. This means that any surface water or storm-water runoff is controlled and diverted. This reduces the risk of local flooding (very useful for protecting premises with basements) as well as making the drained area more suitable for use as a car park, garden area or for growing crops. It also helps with erosion control and reduces damage to foundation walls.

What is a French Drain

Basically, a French Drain is a trench with a perforated drainpipe placed at the bottom, this being lined with a fabric weed barrier mesh and covered by gravel (this ensures that clogging does not occur).  The trench must also have a drop, this normally being one inch for every 10 feet of pipe. More gravel is then placed on top of the pipe, the weed matting then being wrapped around to stop any debris from getting into the drain. Then add more gravel on the top.  A small catch basin is also required.

Experience Drainage Contractor

A fair amount of planning, expertise, experience and equipment is required to make any French drain installation a successful one, so although you could do it yourself, you’d be better advised to allow a Drainage Contractor like Heming Services take the load for you.

We also offer the following services

We have the expertise to successfully manage all types of project - whether it’s an urban environment where traffic management and public access issues need to be addressed to minimise disruption, a rural site where environmental and ecological matters all require close attention or an industrial site where productivity and logistics are a key priority.

Our extensive range of construction plant and experienced plant operatives too, ensures that we can carry out the majority of groundworks to our own extremely high standards.